Fishing Rod and Lure Coating


To complete your custom fishing poles and lures see our extensive line of Urethane Coatings or our Epoxy Paints, Epxoy Clears and Epoxy Primers Side A. Choose your Epoxy finish to be either Satin or Gloss with our Epoxy Catalyst Side B.  Also, shop for Klass Kote Epoxy Reducer.


Shop via our stock color Epoxy Kits which include the Side A, Side B and an optional can Reducer. 

Why use Klass Kote for Custom Fishing Poles and Custom Lures?

•    Using Klass Kote Quality Coatings – either our Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Clear, or our Urethane Coatings, will result in one of the toughest and most attractive lure and tackle finishes available on the market today – bar none.

•    Our Klass Kote Epoxy Paints are ideal for any-type of lure surface, including [lead] jigheads.

•    Our coating provides superior adhesion – giving you a more decorative, better-adhering and longer lasting custom fishing poles and custom lures paint job – extending the useful life of your lures, jigs & rods.

•    Klass Kote QualityCoatings have been proven over the years to prolong the useful life of any substrate upon which they are applied. 

•    Comparatively speaking, Klass Kote Epoxy Paints will out-perform, out-shine and out-protect other similar products on the market today

Klass Kote Epoxy Clear Coating on Existing Paint Jobs:

You can choose to apply our epoxy clear coat over your existing coating jobs to provide an extreme level of protection to many types of other, not-so-protective paint systems. Or, select from our extensive pallet of epoxy paint colors Part A – which provide exceptional protection – without the need to clear coat. Choose either a satin or gloss finish with our catalyst Part B.

Klass Kote urethane paints are available for your rod and lure making:

If you require a fancy pallet of colors for your rod and lure making– choose our urethane coating system – then clear coat with either our epoxy or urethane clear coats – for ultimate protection of your custom fishing poles and custom lures.

Our urethane specialty (automotive-grade) coatings offer an endless array of colors, including pearls, candies, metallic’s - even mirages and illusions.

These coatings are especially geared for use in smaller airbrushes - allowing you to "detail" your work. Your artistic talents will be greatly expended using our custom color airbrush system. All of our products have the ability to be sprayed through almost any type of spray equipment – airbrush to industrial equipment, with proper reduction (thinning).

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