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Industrial Uses for Klass Kote Epoxy Paints

Industrial Uses for Klass Kote Epoxy Paints

Klass Kote Coating Epoxy Paint has been the choice of many industrial applications such as:

  • Baggage carts use by airlines for transportation of baggage from tarmac to plane
  • Primer Paint for propane tanks before top coating
  • Trailer painting for industrial trailer and carts
  • Die-casting applications
  • Industrial forms coating
  • Paint for concrete floor coating in mechanical shops
  • Chassis and wiring harness coating epoxy
  • Furniture coating epoxy and sealing
Klass Kote Epoxy Industrial Application and Benefits

Klass Kote Epoxy Industrial Application and Benefits

Industrial pipes coated with epoxy paint

By choosing Klass Kote Coating Epoxy, Epoxy Paint for Concrete, and Epoxy Primer Paint, you have chosen one of the toughest, most decorative epoxy coating systems available on the market today. Klass Kote Epoxy coating and primer paint are a series of industrial strength, two-component epoxy coatings and primer paint sealers that have incredible resistance to many chemicals – with excellent adhesion on nearly all surfaces substrates and exceptional, long lasting protective and decorative attributes.

As an industrial user, you have almost certainly encountered surfaces that have been coated with Klass Kote Epoxy coating and primer paint. Our epoxy coating system is very common in industrial and commercial buildings, especially as an epoxy coating and epoxy paint for concrete flooring. It is often chosen as an epoxy coating for metal surface covering, rust-proofing and protecting. Klass Kote Epoxy coating system is very decorative, but in industrial applications it is most often chosen for practical protective reasons.

Reasons and benefits for choosing Klass Kote Coating Epoxy and Primer Paint for your industrial application:

  • Brilliant and attractive decorative colors which provide an ultra hard, protective coating epoxy film on numerous surfaces.
  • The epoxy coating mixture can be combined with non-skid substances to create a non-slip coating epoxy paint for concrete flooring, as well as other surfaces.
  • Excellent when used as a "first-to-bare-metal" primer paint and sealer.
  • Klass Kote Epoxy coating provides very high abrasion and impact resistance – especially as a paint for concrete flooring.
  • Provides a barrier-forming epoxy coating, and is resistant to water, including salt water, most cleaners, mild acids, solvents and shop chemicals, including gasoline, etc.
Where To Use Klass Kote Epoxy Paint and Primer:

Where To Use Klass Kote Epoxy Paint and Primer:

Klass Kote Epoxy coating can be used indoors almost anywhere a hard, very durable, chemically-resistant surface coating epoxy is required. It's has been commonly used and therefore extensively field-tested for over 46 years, as a paint for concrete flooring, and an epoxy coating for many types of metals, machinery, walls, wood sealing – both commercially and residentially. There are a wide host of other epoxy coating applications way too numerous to list here. If your surface requires a protective, decorative coating epoxy, Klass Kote Coating Epoxy Paint is an excellent choice!

Some commonly used industrial applications for Klass Kote Epoxy coating and epoxy primer paint include;

  • Metal epoxy coating for fabricated surfaces
  • Propane and tank primer paint (includes Zinc Phosphate rust inhibitors)
  • Machinery epoxy coating for exposed and interior surfaces
  • Epoxy Paint for concrete
  • First to metal primer sealer

The dried film of Klass Kote Epoxy coating is inherit, so it can also be applied on surfaces where incidental food contact and contact with marine life (aquariums and boats) are in play.

If you feel Klass Kote Epoxy coating may be right for your application, please feel free to call us to discuss your application.

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