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Klass Kote Epoxy Swimming Pool Paints:

Klass Kote Epoxy Swimming Pool Paints:


•    Klass Kote Swimming Pool Epoxy Paint is an excellent choice for painting newly constructed pools as well as re-painting pools previously coated with epoxy pool paint as well as other coatings. Great for not only your pool but also your pool decks, slides, stairs and tiles. 
•    Our industrial-strength, commercial-grade epoxy swimming pool paints are extremely long lasting, decorative, very durable, and will stand up to severe wear and tear, as well as automatic pool cleaners and chemical treatments. 
•    Our commercial-grade epoxy pool paint, properly applied will last about 7 - 10 years. After that time, the coating will still be protecting the surface - and can easily have the look restored to new, with a light sanding and a fresh coat of Klass Kote Swimming Pool Epoxy paint.
•    You can expect to cover approximately 275 – 300 sq. feet per gallon with Klass Kote Pool Epoxy paint. Unused, unmixed portions of Klass Kote Swimming Pool Epoxy Paint can be stored indefinitely in your out door pool shed for touch up or recoating - years into the future. The product has an unusually long shelf life.
•    Surface preparation is the most important part of any paint job, and this is especially true for epoxy paint jobs. Please, avoid shortcuts!
READ OUR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS HERE... (While this is a commercial strength product, it is simple enough for the DIY'er to apply)

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Applying Epoxy paint to swimming pool
Priming your surface.....

Priming your surface.....

If the surface of your project requires it, use our 2 part epoxy primer before applying your top coat. Order here... 
Pool Primer

Pool Primer

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Steps to Apply Klass Kote Epoxy Swimming Pool Paints

Steps to Apply Klass Kote Epoxy Swimming Pool Paints

The following is a step by step guide to a successful pool paint job using Klass Kote Swimming Pool Epoxy paint. Please be sure to read our Product Data Sheet for instructions on using our epoxy paint.

1.     Determine the type of pool paint that is currently on the pool. You cannot paint a pool with epoxy paint that has previously been painted with rubber base paint. If you are unsure of what the surface was previously painted with, abrasion removal or sandblasting may be necessary to expose the bare pool surface.

2.     Drain any water from the swimming pool. Remove all debris from the surface of the pool, and remove any hydrostatic relief plugs.

3.      Repair any cracks or major imperfections in the pool/deck surface.


OPTION 1: (Preferred method)

1.     Remove any loose, peeling or scaling paint, concrete (or anything otherwise loose) on the surface which would impede adhesion of your new Klass Kote Epoxy Industrial Strength Pool Paint.

2.     Using a sander, (hand held or mechanical) or sand blaster, sand the entire surface to be painted. (Use medium to light aggressive sanding)

3.     After sanding the complete surface, remove any sand dust using a vacuum or blower method.

4.     With a non-shedding cloth that is damply wet with Klass Kote Epoxy Reducer #500 or equivalent (high grade lacquer thinner) wipe down the surface making sure to remove all remaining sand dust. 


1.     Using a 50% water, 50% muriatic acid solution and observing the proper safety equipment and procedures, acid wash the swimming pool surface. Be sure to thoroughly scrub the walls and floor surfaces.

2.     Completely rinse the entire swimming pool, skimmers, fittings, lights, and stairs, etc.

3.     Next,  re-clean the swimming pool with TSP (trisodium-phosphate). TSP is a detergent available at all paint stores and most home supply and hardware stores. Follow the directions on the TSP container. Applying TSP will neutralize the acid, and remove the glaze from the existing paint. It also removes any grease, oil or any dirt that the acid did not remove. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Rinse it, and then re-rinse the surface to be sure no TSP solution remains.



1.    Allow the swimming pool to dry for 3 - 5 days – fewer if the sun is intense and the surface dries completely. Do not rush the surface drying time. It is not good to trap moisture under the new paint job.

2.    To prevent getting any pool epoxy paint on the threads, tile or fittings, etc. tape them off with painters tape.

3.    Before painting the pool, scrape any last minute flakes from the pool surface, then dust and sweep the pool out. You can use a blower to blow any remaining dust, debris, leaves, or dirt from the pool deck.

4.    Prime with Klass Kote Epoxy Primer if necessary, then proceed with Klass Kote Epoxy top coats. 

5.    Check the weather forecast for rain or high winds. If there is a chance of rain, wait. Open both sides (A & B) of the Klass Kote Epoxy Pool Paint components. Follow the mixing instructions on our can labels or in our Product Data Sheet. Be sure to mix each component thoroughly, before mixing the two together. If possible, use an electric drill with a paddle mixer.

6.    Before beginning to paint your pool, test roll (use a 3/8" nap roller, preferably Mohair)  onto another surface similar in temperature to your pool surface.  The rolling process may introduce bubbles onto the surface. At average temperatures, these bubbles will “self-level” and disappear. In higher temperatures it is possible that the bubbles will not self-level due to faster curing of the epoxy mixture. If this happens, it will be necessary to thin the mixture by adding some Klass Kote Epoxy Reducer #500. Add enough reducer #500 to the mixture until the bubbles introduced while rolling self-level and disappear. See mixing instruction on our product data sheet. Keep the paint mixture at this viscosity (thickness) while coating your pool surface, this may require adding additional small amounts of the Epoxy Reducer during the painting process. Try to avoid extremely hot and or humid weather while applying. If you are applying a second coat of pool paint, wait 4-6 hours before re-painting – until the first coat is cured enough to walk on.

How much Epoxy Reducer #500 should you have on hand? It is recommended that you have an amount equal to 25% of #500 epoxy reducer to your total Epoxy Paint quantity. For example, if you order a one gallon pool paint kit, have one quart #500 reducer on hand – for a 4 gallon pool kit, have one gallon of #500, etc.   It is recommended that you use our Klass Kote Reducer #500 because it is specifically optimized for our Klass Kote Epoxy Paint but if necessary, a good quality lacquer thinner may be used. 

7.    The last step is very important. You must wait 4-7 days before filling the swimming pool so your new paint job can cure completely. If there is rain during that time, remove any standing water after the rain has stopped. You can use a sponge and leaf blower to dry the pool. For extended rain that leaves standing water or small pools, add a day to the cure time. After the cure time, fill the pool completely.

8.    When the pool is full, restart the swimming pool filter system and adjust the total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels to a minimum of 150 PPM. Resume your normal chemical maintenance.

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