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Clear #40

Clear #40

Clear #40
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Klass Kote Epoxy Clear #40 is the side-A component of the Klass Kote Epoxy 2 part clear coat system.  This clear coat part-A epoxy paint is a catalyzed epoxy clear coat, and requires equal parts [by volume] of the part-B component.

For a glossy finish, choose our Gloss Catalyst #405 as your part-B catalyst component. For a more satin-like finish, choose our Satin Catalyst #463 as your part-B catalyst component.  When using Satin Catalyst #463, always be sure to shake it well, and mix it thoroughly up from the bottom of the can – before mixing it with the Clear #40 part-A epoxy component.  To achieve a “dead flat” clear coat look, consider adding some of our Flattener Additive.

After thoroughly mixing equal parts of the two components and allowing them to “induct” (let stand for a minimum of 30 – 45 minutes), Klass Kote Epoxy Clear Coats apply like any other conventional coatings.  It can be brushed, rolled, or spray-applied.  If you plan to spray-apply, you will need to thin your mixture to reduce it to spray viscosity by adding some Epoxy Reducer #500 – after letting the mixture induct.

Some suggested applications [surfaces] for Klass Kote Epoxy Clear Coats:
● Metals ● Wood ● Concrete ● Aluminum
● Fiberglass ● Glass ● Cloth ● Many Plastics
● Steel ● Magnesium ● Lexan ● Brick/Stone
● Porcelain ● Cement ● Pressboard ● Balsa Wood
● Copper ● Brass ● Other Coatings ● Tile
1/2 Pint 8 fluid ounces - 236.6 ML
1 Pint 16 fluid ounces - 473.2 ML
1 Quart 32 fluid ounces - 946.4 ML
1 Gallon 128 fluid ounces - 3,785.6 ML
5 Gallons 640 fluid ounces - 18,928 ML
Larger quantities available call for current pricing...

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