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Indigo Blue #312

Indigo Blue #312

Indigo Blue #312
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Klass Kote - Indigo Blue #312 - Side-A Epoxy

This is the side-A epoxy component ONLY.

It requires equal amounts by volume of side-B catalyst component. It can be used with either Gloss Catalyst #405 or Satin Catalyst #463.

Indigo Blue #312 is currently the only product we do not make (grind from raw resin & pigments) in-house. As such, we are subject to pricing increases from our sources. We are sourcing our own pigments and hope to have them ready sometime in the future. Also note - this product is translucent, and may require several build-coats to attain complete, consistent coverage.
1/2 Pint 8 fluid Ounces - 236.6 ML
1 Pint 16 fluid Ounces - 473.2 ML
1 Quart 32 fluid Ounces - 946.4 ML
1 Gallon 128 fluid Ounces - 3785.6 ML
Larger quantities available Call for current pricing...

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