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Primer Catalyst White Fast #420

Primer Catalyst White Fast #420

Primer Catalyst White Fast #420
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Klass Kote - Primer Catalyst White Fast #420 - Side-B Catalyst

This is the side-B catalyst component for use with Klass Kote Epoxy Primers side-A - either White Primer #55 or Gray Primer #50.

Use this catalyst in situations where fast dry times for your prime coat are required.  This is the ONLY Klass Kote epoxy catalyst component we sell that does not require an induction (waiting) period after mixing - before applying.

With Primer Catalyst White Fast #420, you mix it thoroughly with the side-A component (either White #55 or Gray #50), reduce it with Epoxy Reducer #500, then immediately strain it into your spray equipment or brush it on right away - no waiting.  With other Klass Kote Epoxy catalysts - you need to let the mixture sit (induct) for a minimum of 30 minutes before reducing it and applying.

1/2 Pint 8 fluid Ounces - 236.6 ML
1 Pint 16 fluid Ounces - 473.2 ML
1 Quart 32 fluid Ounces - 946.4 ML
1 Gallon 128 fluid Ounces - 3785.6 ML
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