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Klass Kote - Urethane Clear - Side-A Only

Klass Kote - Urethane Clear - Side-A Only

Klass Kote - Urethane Clear - Side-A Only
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Urethane Clear – Side-A Only:

- 1x - 3/4 part full can of part-A urethane clear

Klass Kote urethane clear represents the best in acrylic urethane technology. It is a hybrid polymeric blend of polyester and acrylic resins. As a protective, decorative, transparent top coat, Klass Kote Urethane Clear offers ultra violet (uv) protection, outstanding chemical & fuel resistance, flexibility, and extreme gloss retention.

Klass Kote Urethane Clear requires catalyzation with Klass Kote urethane catalyst part-B – which is included in each kit. The mixing ratio is 3 parts urethane clear part-A to 1-part urethane catalyst part-B. The mixture can then be thinned /reduced with Klass Kote Urethane Reducer before application.
1 Pint Can - Side-A Contains 3/4 Pint (12 fluid ounces) - Side-A Clear
1 Quart Can - Side-A Contains 3/4 Quart (24 fluid ounces) - Side-A Clear
1 Gallon Can - Side-A Clear Contains 3/4 Gallon (96 fluid ounces) - Side-A Clear

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