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Klass Kote - Urethane Reducer - Slow

Klass Kote - Urethane Reducer - Slow

Klass Kote - Urethane Reducer - Slow
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Recommended for use with any of our basecoats, clears, candies, or pearls. Klass Kote Slow Reducer has staged release for proper flow out, leveling and gloss retention.

We have slow medium and fast reducers depending on how fast you want the materials to dry and what your temperature and humidity conditions are. The hotter the temperature, the slower you want your reducer - so that the materials don't dry too quickly. In colder temperatures, you will want a faster reducer that will help the materials to dry faster because the air temperature and humidity being cooler, are slowing your dry times. Currently we have these items in ½ Pint, 1 Pint, 1 Quart, & 1 Gallon cans.
1/2 Pint 8 fluid Ounces - 236.6 ML
1 Pint 16 fluid Ounces - 473.2 ML
1 Quart 32 fluid Ounces - 946.4 ML
1 Gallon 128 fluid Ounces - 3785.6 ML
Larger quantities available Call for current pricing...

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